20 Most Common Mistakes Made By Freelancers


Transitioning careers from a full-time office job to freelance work has far-reaching consequences, and these are magnified 10-fold if you have a family.

Becoming a freelancer creates the avenues for you to find financial independence. However, the journey is not easy. You should expect that mistakes happen and that the incidences of failure and rejection are harsh realities that a freelancer must accept and be prepared to deal with.

The keys to finding success as a freelancer are to recognize these mistakes, address them immediately, and most importantly, learn from them.

The turning point in my decision to become a freelancer came after two years spent running the 9-to-5 grind as a regular office employee. Even with overtime and holiday pay, my salary was not enough to pay for my family’s needs.

I had zero savings at the end of each month. There were months when I recorded a negative balance in income earned because incidental expenses piled up, and I had to draw from cash reserves accumulated from other sources. I was worried that if something happened to me, my family would be vulnerable. And so, with a wing and a prayer, I resigned from my job and decided to work from home as a freelancer.

It was a momentous decision because as a first-time freelancer, I carried the stigma of having no experience in such a highly competitive field that is global in scope. But through persistence, dedication, and firm resolve to steer past countless rejections, failures, and mistakes, I eventually established a solid career as a freelancer.

I have summarized 20 of the most common mistakes made by freelancers. Download it and learn from it to move forward.