10 Reasons Why No One Is Reading Your Blog


We now live in a Blog Economy, that is, a time and place in which socializing has become digital. Of all the Internet users, 77% read blogs, whereas 23% of the time online is spent reading blogs.

Whether for business or personal reasons, blogs have influenced many of the decisions that we make in our daily lives. For this reason, blogging has become the centerpiece of every content marketing strategy.

However, not all blogs are created equal. Having the ability to write does not simply mean that you can blog. Moreover, age or academic achievements have nothing to do with becoming a successful blogger.

If your answer to the question “are your blogs largely ignored?” is “yes,” you may spend precious hours trying to determine why not many people read your blogs. If you haven’t found the answers, you may be trying too hard. The solutions often lie closer to home than you think.

Download this guide and learn the ten reasons why no one is reading your blog and the ways on how you can fix them.